‘Spraying Mantis’


Derived from a captivating series of graffiti found at ‘The Tacoma Garages’ on Broadway, capturing the final moments of vibrant street art before the structures were condemned.

Offered as an unframed, pigmented print in the size 20″x30″.

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This striking graphic image was derived from a very interesting series of images of graffiti work found at ‘The Tacoma Garages’ on Broadway. At the time, the aging structures, once auto dealerships, were being used as parking garages for the downtown Tacoma area, but young ‘writers’ had discovered the empty walls about a dozen years before and turned them into ever-changing art projects. The summer of 2013 was the last year that the city and the property owners allowed this work to be put up on their structure walls. By fall, no trespassing signs, no graffiti signs, were posted, and the police began a crackdown. Not long after, the structures were sealed off and condemned as unsafe. I was able to capture the last of the changing works before it all came to an end.


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