Vintage Image Collection

Over several decades, I have compiled a large and wonderful collection of ‘found vintage images.’ Many are very special. Most, but not all, are related to transportation, and largely focused on the first half of the 20th century. These images came to me through various sources, occasionally from the original photographers—or from members of their families, some from garage sales, others from antique stores, and many were discovered and acquired through the internet. All but a few of these images came without any listed attribution.

I have selected a few of the best and most interesting of these images for careful editing, and printing. A few images are offered below as lifetime collectable, wood-framed, prints. The frames for these first selections are beautiful, hand-made, ‘Andiroba’ mahogany presentations. The frame size is 21”x24” with the width of the frames about 1” on the face and the sides. These first selection are ‘pigment’ prints, and they are excellently printed as well as archival. The actual size of each print is generally about 12”x17.” They are all mounted with double thickness window mats. If properly cared for, each framed print should last for generations.

Every aspect of each print presentation has been entirely produced by me.

As time and circumstance permit, I will be adding more interesting vintage images.

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